The Silence that Surrounds the Future (Essay Press)

Julie Carr offers three essays, each from a separate future prose book, and a series of 14-line poems from her ongoing project “Real Life: An Installation.”



“For years I only worked on one or two projects at a time. I could not understand people who flipped back and forth between files on their computers like birds feeding various nests at once. But as the future looks shorter to me now than it did then, I began, for better or worse, to cram more into the days or into the computer… Somehow all four of these entities co-exist and grow together, though they are at different stages of expansion or contraction. For this chapbook, Andy Fitch and I decided to represent each one of these future books, or dream events, or landscapes, or recording sessions, or fantasy vacations, or destroyed works, or small businesses, or emotion maps, or warm mirrors, or phantom cities, or provisional assertions, or architectural models, or cheap motels or late night bus rides.”